How does it work?

Below you will find the 5 steps that lead to an efficient working digital process. These 5 steps are universal for every industry, company and profession. Our many years of experience in various sectors ensures that we can quickly and efficiently think along with you about how to digitize and optimize processes.

Step 1: Inventory

Which forms do you use that you still have to fill in, check or report on to your customers? Whether it’s Excel, Word, PDF, or paper forms, all this can be done much easier and faster: Floow!

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Step 2: Create your own Floow

See which questions need to be entered: open-, closed- or multiple-choice questions? During a demo and, if desired, the first few times, we will help you to not only show how it works, but also how you can set up certain processes more efficiently and advice you on different perspectives that could help you in the future.

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Step 3: Floow overview

Overview of all registrations.

All previously entered digital forms can be viewed via the FloowCloud platform or via the Floow Form App.

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Step 4: Link and share information

The digital forms created with Floow are easy to connect to customers, orders, equipment, employees and much more. For example, all completed forms such as a workorder or timesheet can be found under a project, customer or employee.

In addition to retrieving this data, you can also link customers, orders, equipment, assets and employees to your existing CRM, ERP or HRM package.

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Step 5: Export and Analyze

You can easily analyze the information of all digital forms and export it to, for example, Excel or Power BI.

If your digital form has a GPS location, the registrations can be shown on a map.

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