Each Floow module has different functionalities. Whether it concerns contract management, quotations or a mail plugin: Floow is completely modular! With Floow, you can choose from various modules that can be assembled into your ultimate work package. Take a look at the different possibilities below and don’t hesitate to request a free demo!

Form generator

With the form generator you can easily create any paper form, any excel list, or any other variant, in no time at all:
✔ Efficient
✔ Flawless
✔ Acceleration of (re)work(ing time)
✔ Accessible anywhere
✔ Secured
✔ Qualitative and transparant
✔ Sustainable


This will prevent:
✘ Unreadable handwriting
✘ misspelled choices
✘ Loss of (paper) document
✘ Excessive growth of (Excel) files


There is an increase in productivity, because your work is centralized. In addition, you work independently of time and place. So, no access to a PC, workplace or are you at home or on the go? No problem, you can keep working because all documents and forms are available digitally and remotely.


Automated processes ensure that you can process information/documents without the intervention of employees or third parties. Because this excludes human interfering, you prevent human errors. Data input can be standardized, mobile and real-time from any desired workstation. This ensures that the input is uniform and prevents (important) data from being forgotten.


The processing of (paper) forms or Excel lists/documents is significantly increased. Work orders, customer orders, inspection reports, visit reports are digitally processed faster, so that they can be converted into income or other added value for the company more quickly. Moreover, this leaves the employees time for other primary tasks, which means that the knife cuts both ways.


The processing of (paper) forms or excel lists/documents is considerably increased. Work orders, customer orders, inspection reports, visit reports are processed digitally faster, so that they can be converted quickly into income or other added value for the company. In addition, it allows employees to spend time on other primary tasks, thus cutting both sides of the coin.


Through a secure SSL environment, the right information is sent directly to the chosen user within a protected environment. Documents are stored securely and therefore documents are never lost!


By automating processes from start to finish, the quality and speed of the processing of information are guaranteed and the minimal risk of permanent damage can only be attributed to human errors. Increased transparency throughout the company and also towards the customer means that better and faster monitoring and adjustments can be made. In addition, dashboards and reports are set up as required.


Save trees! You can! By working paperless. From an average tree trunk, approximately 8,000 sheets of A4 paper can be made: 16 packs of 500 sheets. Calculate how much can be prevented in your company on an annual basis and protect our planet, for our future generations!
Convinced? Or almost? Request a free demo and we will be happy to show you Floow in person on location, free of charge.

Asset Module

Our experience shows that insight and manageability in respect of all assets/assets.
The assets module provides an overview of all assets. Think of buildings cars, laptops, keys, work equipment. Examples of functionalities and/or insight possibilities within Floow:

  • Assets that can be used for maintenance;
  • Who owns certain assets;
  • Where are certain assets; (GPS)
  • Who is the supplier of certasin assets;
  • Who does the maintenance of the assets;
  • Manuals belonging to specific assets.

QR codes can also be added to certain assets. For example, mechanics, inspectors or other responsible persons can scan the QR code directly at the location with their phone or tablet, and then immediately see all kinds of relevant information, such as:

  • Is this object approved?
  • If so, when?
  • Who did this inspection?
  • What were details, repairs, maintenance work, etc.?
  • Where is this asset located at the location? (GPS/map)
  • What does it look like? (Photo)

If an inspection has to take place, this can be done directly from the scanning of the QR code, by means of a self-assembled (inspection) form.
For more information about the self-assembly of forms click here.


As an organization, you deal with many different customers. Contacts with which agreements are made and with which a relationship is built. And you don’t want to neglect these relationships! Floow’s commercial applications make it easy to keep track of customer contacts and leads, record appointments and register orders.
All logical communications, actions and assignment of tasks you can think of, regarding relationship management, are standard functionalities in Floow.



Both, commercial and non-profit organizations have customers, clients and / or patients.
For example, working in the health care sector often also means contact moments with many different clients. Think of clients coming from district teams, clients who are in the home care sector, or clients who are dealing with care specialist. By means of this module, contact details of all clients for whom work is carried out are registered. Of course, Floow complies with all the rules that apply in accordance with the AVG legislation.
Another example can be for companies where work is carried out at the client’s location, or where material (assets) is/remain present at the client’s location. Insight can lead to an increase in turnover or an efficient use of people and materials.



The quotation module offers the possibility to generate quotations automatically. This can be based on standard templates, or fully customized Word templates, completely in your own house style.

In addition to generating quotations, the module also provides insight into all (open) quotations. Quotations can easily be assigned statuses, so that you can quickly see in which phase the quotation(s) are in the sales process.

Quotations can be created manually or can be generated quickly and automatically on the basis of pre-defined articles and/or services.



From the order module you can book hours, products and materials. Here you can book the basis for your invoices. Using the order module, you can schedule people and materials.

The distinguishing feature of Floow is that every property that is linked to an order, but also to every other property such as a customer, an employee, an asset, etc., can be linked to each other, and can be accessed from the screen with a single click.


  • From the customer, you can see with one click on the button what is linked to the customer such as: employee(s), orders, invoices, assets, planning, hours, etc.
  • From the employee, you can see for which customers this employee is responsible for, what planning this employee has, hours booked, etc.

Setting up Floow in this way, ensures that the users experience Floow is very user-friendly, because there is no need to make extra (unnecessary) clicks before accessing the information they were looking for.

Planning and tasks module

A well organized planning process in which tasks can be assigned is indispensable for most companies. With Floow you get access to a schedule that clearly shows which task is assigned to which employee. In addition, the Floow planning module makes it possible to schedule tasks for different employees.
By means of a clear planning board (of your choice), it is easy for those with the right access level to see which employee is scheduled for which task, whether this task has been completed and/or whether this task can be modified/planned.



Different visual displays are possible for the use of the planning board. This allows each employee to choose the ideal interface.
Working with different colors for different types of work or locations also ensures that more insight into the planning is given immediately.
Would you like to know what this could look like for your organization? Request a free and non-binding demo today!



Both periodic and incidental activities are important in order to register and to let them be reflected in your planning. This module offers the possibility to categorize reminders, including text, documents and photos, by work and expiration date. This gives you immediate insight into deadlines and priorities.



When we receive new requests, we are often asked whether notifications can also be sent by e-mail or pop-up to employees. Our experience shows that these types of e-mails are followed up for a short period of time and then lose their value and are seen as spam rather than as an important notification.
We stand for close cooperation during the roll-out of Floow within your organization, which ensures that the system is adopted in an ideal and pleasant manner.
In this way, Floow is seen by the employees as a primary part of their work and because of the clear visual representation and way of displaying notifications, important notifications cannot be overlooked.
Because all this is done within the Floow environment, clear reports can also be generated from it. For example, the person in charge (manager or management) can quickly see who, how many and what kind of reports, reminders, tasks, etc. are still open at whom, how many and what.
We would be happy to show you how this is displayed on location by means of a free personal demo.

Hour registration

The most important businessmodel for some organizations, for other organizations a small part, but essential. In both cases it is essential that the hours are kept up to date and registered.
In this module it is possible to (automatically) apply different rates, such as for overtime or on the basis of different services.
It can be made (partly) transparent for different users with different levels of rights. If desired, this can also be made available to external parties; cooperation partners, customers or other stakeholders.
Printing reports and (automatic) invoicing are standard options.


If certain accounting-/ERP packages/software are used, Floow can be seamlessly linked to this. This ensures a smooth process from registering hours to invoicing to the customer or rewarding the employee and even the different rates for overtime that have to be taken into account.


With Floow you can manage all your purchases.
This allows you to link purchase orders to customers and orders. You can also keep track of the state of your purchase order. Think of quotation status: has it already been confirmed? Has it already been paid for?
These statuses can easily be viewed in the total overview.
Because a purchase can also be linked to a customer and an order, it is very easy to gain insight into (total) costs, what has been or still needs to be invoiced and what the total result (profit/loss) on this order is.
With this module you create an overview of all your suppliers including important information, for example the purpose of the supplier, a corresponding payment term and conditions or a primary contact person.


With the Floow invoicing module, invoices can be scheduled, for example for a fixed day in the month.
The module also ensures that you can always check the invoices again before they are sent. This module creates an overview of all invoices that have been sent and what has already been paid. This is possible on a detailed level per order, even with partial invoices, or on a total/company level.
When there is a longer term for orders/contracts, it can be perfectly budgeted and/or forecasted from time to time. Ideal for gaining insight into liquidity!

If you would like to know more, you can request a free, no-obligation demo at your location.


This is an overview of all saved files.
This module makes it possible to work from the cloud so that you have all the files in one place and can divide them into different folders for a clear overview.
Various files, created from Floow or uploaded by yourself:

  • Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF
  • Photo’s
  • Templates
  • Offers and order confirmations
  • (Construction)drawings

Safety- VCA


People make the difference in a changing world in which organizations have to adapt to internationalization and flexibility.

Floow VCA lays a solid foundation under your VCA policy. Our VCA module provides complete insight into every situation. Floow VCA provides you with all the information you need to register the right report, at the right time, in the right place. Floow VCA shows exactly what you need for a certain report, and reduces time-consuming routine activities.

Exchange your paper VCA Booklet for an innovative VCA App. With the FLOOW VCA App your employees can make easier, friendlier and more effective registrations in the field. They always have their mobile phone or tablet at hand and can use the App to take photos, add actions, make registrations and provide their location. All this data is sent directly to the FLOOW Web platform so that you do not have to convert or type messages into an Excel list.

With this module you can easily report the following:

  • Workplace Inspections
  • Preventions
  • Complaints
  • Observations
  • (Near) accidents
  • Improvements
  • Direct questions to HSE officer function

In addition, the module offers numerous functionalities that are relevant to the above notifications:

  • Add pictures
  • Location screens
  • Review notifications
  • Add communication, reminders and documents
  • View photos and report locations on map
  • Research into source causes
  • Extensive relevant statistics
  • Create your own forms
  • Fill in your own forms (web / app)
  • View custom forms (web/app)
  • Customer portal

Not only do you get a fantastic web portal where you can view or analyze all notifications, but you also get an App that makes entering notifications very easy. For example, you can let any employee with a mobile phone, tablet or login functionalities on the internet make reports in a few simple steps.

With the Floow Enterprise version you can let customers log in themselves and determine which data they can view, edit or enter themselves. Of course this does not only have to be for customers, but you can also give external suppliers access to the web portal and the App.

We are happy to show you how easy it is to use and how quickly it is set up.


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