Efficient collaboration every day

The daily processes in your organization require a more efficient design. That's not surprising, now that working from home is becoming more and more accepted. Unlike a few years ago, we don't just walk into a colleague's office and put a pile of papers on a desk. For many companies, the digital design of work processes is a gray area: how do you ensure that those involved consult frequently used forms and documents in one convenient place?


Smart forms

Floow makes this possible with smart forms. Bridge departments and organizations and easily involve customers, employees and suppliers in activities. With built-in approvals, Floow provides initiation or delivery of work.

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You log in to the client portal, a meeting place for all relevant stakeholders. You no longer have to work unilaterally from Excel or Word and share files at the last minute. That means fewer calls back and forth, because your customer also works in the same environment every day. Everyone has direct access to current projects. Floow provides all parties involved with insight into the activities, goals achieved and facilitates communication between the parties. A simple way of directing, checking and reminding.

Involve customers and suppliers

If you regularly have to deal with changing laws and regulations, we will help you respond to this change. New information that requires guidance often comes from the workplace. Grab this information right away. Record changes in the portal where the customer and supplier also log in. This way you are no longer updating lists from different sides.

Monitor costs

Both parties monitor costs with real-time insight. Let the customer submit requests for quotations, approve assignments and activities and remind suppliers of agreements made. The Floow client portal simplifies payment flows. Deliveries are signed off earlier, purchase orders are completed by the customer and invoices are transparent. This greatly reduces the overdue date on invoices.

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Which activities take place at what time and at which location? On the basis of GPS coordinates, you can immediately see where borrowed materials/assets are located. Your asset management runs smoothly because the basics are in order.

Can you combine work with another job nearby? A dashboard in the client portal provides the answers to these questions. The result? A smart and effective division of work. That is exactly what our changing world demands.



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